Quick start


The MultiEmail is ready to use after you unlock the key.

Follow these steps to send your first message with MultiEmail. First you will need to set or verify the following

 email preferences:


Outgoing Server Information:


Select the [Send using an SMTP Server] check box.

In most cases the program loads these settings automatically. However, if MultiEmail cannot automatically

detect  these settings, you will need to select this checkbox and fill in the information manually.

a. Depending on whether your server requires authentication, you may have to select the

    [My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication] check box. Contact your Internet Service Provider

    (ISP) for the correct SMTP server name.

b. If the authentication is required, select the [Log on using Username] option, and enter your [Username] and [Password].



       The SMTP server name should be provided by your ISP.

       You can also try to find it on your email client (MS Outlook or Outlook Express).

       In MS Outlook/ Outlook Express:

       a. Go to the Tools | Accounts | Properties | Servers menu.

       b. Copy the value in the [Outgoing mail server (SMTP)] field and,

       c. In order to go back to settings, press [Server Info/Options] in the main window.

 Select the [Direct Sending] check box. In this case you do not need to enter your Outgoing SMTP

 server information.


       User Information:


 In [Your e-mail Address] and [Your Name/ Company Name] fields; enter your email address and

 name to ensure message delivery. Some ISPís require you to use their email address in order to use their outgoing mail server.

 Click [Save Changes] to save the settings and exit.


       Incoming Server Information:


 Select your [Incoming mail server (POP3)] from the drop-down list provided.

 Specify your [Username] and [Password] for incoming mails.


  Sending emails


          Select one of the 6 email groups by clicking on the [Group name], or click the [Group button] on the tool bar.

          Click the File | Import List on the main menu and select a source of your mailing list.

          Click the [New Message] icon to compose a message (text message).

          To open an HTML or text message, click the File | Open on the main menu and select which type of message you want to open.

          Press [Send], after your message has been opened or compiled.







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