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Here's a small sampling of the people I have been doing business with, over the internet in last six years with very negative experience.







NeepTV very questionable web site selling the access to TV stations trough the Internet.

 There is nothing positive about these guys and about their business. They are selling the links to the web sites of the TV stations. In 90% of the cases there is no possibility to watch the TV on the TV stations web site. That's logic. There is no TV station in the USA that is going to allow you to watch their program for free over the web. Once you subscribe to neeptv there is no way to get your money back. Pay pal is protecting them because pay pal is not refunding the money paid for the services, only for merchandise. I lost my $29 and you will lost your if you buy the subscription. Fraud Fraud Fraud



Steve Chow from Arlington, TX
Ordering stuff on Internet and trying to get it for free by inventing the problems with the order and trying to get a refund from the store and at the same time keeping the merchandize. This is a very common kind of fraud on Internet. This person was reported to his local police office.
Ordering electronics on Internet. After receiving the merchandize they were  reporting to the Amazon that Item was not received. This is known Amazon flow in their system refunding the money to the customer even with the sellers proof that the item was actually sent. So this person used that flow to get some free stuff from Internet.


                        CF Dowdy from Mt. Laurel, NJ

 Ordered digital camera accessories from Internet. Inventing the nonexistent problem about the order asked for refund without sending the merchandize back. Like many other scammers on Internet tried to get a free stuff on Internet.


                 Jaekyu Lim from Fuller ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Ordering items from internet exchanging them with broken ones and sending them back to the seller. 


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