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January 1, 2004 the new "Can Spam" law went into effect



     Summary of the requirements for sending bulk e-mail under the new 2004 law:

Use a valid return e-mail address (address must remain active for 30 days after mailing)
Do not use misleading subject lines.

Honor unsubscribes within 10 days.
Include physical address in the message (even if it's a PO box).

Do not sell your remove list.
Do not forge headers.
Describe the content of the e-mail in the subject line.












The new law pre-empts existing state anti-spam laws including a new California law that was due to go into effect January 1, 2004








Multiemail software is a permission based email marketing tool that can help you to complain to the new law. If you decide to buy mass mailing software somewhere else, check if their web site is  not listed in the list of  spamware vendors.




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