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I've been playing with the demo and it looks like just what my client needs.  Most of the other stuff we've seen does not have all the features we need integrated in one system like yours.

Dr. Stephen S. Kelley, President
VirtuState, Inc.


 Some of our clients:

    Re/Max Communities

    Tyco Telecommunications

    American Society of Echocardiography

    State Department Credit Union

    University of Nebraska -Lincoln

    Governors State University, IL

     More clients




MultiEmail allows users to send personalized html messages with embedded images to a large list of recipients. Email contacts can be imported to six built-in databases from text files, MS Outlook®, MS Access®, or MS Excel® database files. MultiEmail includes all of the comprehensive tools to completely automate your online and offline business mailings. Subscribe/Unsubscribe requests are handled automatically and all six databases are immediately updated. This unique feature enables you to automatically manage several different databases simultaneously without spending hours filtering through your email replies.


Furthermore, it has proven successful for a variety of users, from large corporations and small companies, to Banks, Credit unions,Travel agencies, Schools, Universities, institutions and much more, in over 33 countries worldwide. MultiEmail boasts some of the most advanced features of any email program in the marketplace and it conforms to all national and international standards for mass email. Click here to learn more


Key Benefits

- Send thousands of fully customized email messages.

- Print multiple customized newsletters. New

- Easily manage your email lists.

- Start your email campaign from any location in the world. New

- Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe handling.






    I think that it's the best bulk email software and list manager I've seen.

                                                     William Huck

We were wondering as it was hard to track you down and get a product that has your capabilities and it seems there is no other product like yours on the market here... Every time I spoke to anyone in the software business they could only recommend "ACT" or "GOLDMINE" which to me are only database systems.  It seems only your product meet our specifications...

                                                          Sheldon Rodgers,

                                                                                 The Marketplace Insurance and

                                                                    Financial Services Inc.

                                                                     St. Catharines, Ontario.


Multiemail is a fantastic Mass email application and would like to compliment you on it’s functionality. So much so that I came across a useful function that I have not yet read about on your website. What I have done is place the variables such as [[name]], [[company]], [[email]] in a web form. When I use this (HTML) form as template in the application that uses such fields and send it out to my customers they receive the form already filled out. You can imagine the use for such an option.

                                                                                      Ferry Strube 

                                                                                      Indoor plant Nederland


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Take a look at MultiEmail at
It may be just what you are looking for.  Several years ago when I still had my agency, I purchased their product and found it to be a powerful tool for communicating by email with customers and a very reasonable price.
B. Smith, CTC   Around The World Travel   Racine, WI






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